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Posted on December 18, 2013

Theatre/Thespian Society


Pine Creek High School has an active troupe of the International Thespian Society. Membership this is a great way to receive free theatre publications, participate in fund-raisers, philanthropies and socialize with other theatre students. Members pay a one-time fee that is valid for life. In addition, there is a state Thespian conference annually in Denver in December and a week-long International Thespian Festival at the University of Nebraska during the last week of June. Further, the state and international levels of Thespians offer college scholarship money each year to thespian members who audition in areas such as acting, musical theatre, technical theatre, and theatre education


Upcoming Theatre/Thespian Society Events


Thespian Induction May 9,  2018

Dues must be turned in by 4/13/18.

Dues for Lifetime Membership $29.00

Make check payable to Pine Creek Theatre


Thespian Conference

The first weekend in December


Denver Convention Center

See for details



Please contact  Sue Mullin,

volunteer coordinator, to at:

BOX OFFICE (719) 234-8477

The Pine Creek High School Theatre program currently presents a play in the fall and a musical in the spring.  We also sponsor an all school talent show and public class performances throughout the school year. Pine Creek Theatre offers opportunities for student directors to present one-acts and is aiming to incorporate children's theatre in the future. Further, we assist students in their future careers and education plans with counseling, audition coaching, and opportunities for growth at the Colorado State Thespian Conference and the International Thespian Festival.


Pine Creek Theatre provides community outreach by touring children's theatre productions to elementary schools  and touring social responsibility theatre to area middle schools.  In addition, we provide outreach with local elementary schools who are interested in the arts.



The Pine Creek Theatre program offers Theatre I and II, Technical Theatre, Musical Theatre and Dance, and Theatre Sports: an improvisation class. Students may repeat a course several times and receive credit each time that they take it; much like a band or choir class. It is our aim to continue to build the enrollment in our curricular and co-curricular activities in the future.


Theatre/ Drama 1

This course is an introduction to theatre and drama with an emphasis on background, structure, varieties, and technique. It is intended to offer students a working vocabulary, a chance to participate in improvisation, pantomime, and an opportunity to fine-tune their voice and diction skills. It is also a chance to work hands-on in the technical side of theatre, and ultimately, to offer them a basic background in stage acting and technical theatre. In addition, a cumulating theatre performance will be presented for the public.


Theatre/ Drama 2

This course is designed to give students a solid background in the structure, varieties, and history of drama and to advance students' skills in acting and theatre production. It includes such elements as tradition and innovation in drama, narrative essentials, tragedy, comedy, the origins of Western drama, the Renaissance, later drama in England and elsewhere in Europe. The course also offers experience in technical theatre, including set, lighting, costumes, props, and publicity. In addition, a cumulating theatre performance will be presented for the public.


Technical Theatre

At Pine Creek this course is a hand-on class. This course is designed for students who are interested in in-depth backstage activities. Technical theatre affords students an opportunity to study technical areas such as set building, artistic painting, costuming, props, lighting, make-up, publicity, and graphic design. Emphasis will be placed on design, construction, and implementation techniques. Students will design and build essential elements of the Performing Arts Departments' productions.


Music Theatre and Dance

Students cover fundamentals in several areas including: basic vocal skills and techniques, stage presence/delivery, basic acting and improvisation skills, monologues, character development/ character analysis, and dance skills in tap, ballet, and jazz. Students will need to furnish their own dance shoes and wear comfortable clothing for dancing and theater classes. In addition, a cumulating musical theatre performance will be presented for the public.


Theatre Sports

This is a class similar to the TV show "Whose Line is it Anyway?" Theatre Sports is a form of theatre that trains actors and those interested in learning about acting to develop skills in spontaneity, characterization, and physical communication through improvisational activities. This class will provide students with new opportunities to express energy and creativity in the classroom. This class may be repeated for credit. There is no prerequisite for this class.


Advanced Theatre Workshop

This course is for the student who has completed Theatre 1 and Theatre 2 and wishes to continue his/her study in theatre. It focuses on advanced acting, directing, playwriting, audition preparation and (when applicable) college audition preparation.  

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